With Art, Science and Love
Exceptional Modern Indian Cuisine is Created

As a seven-year-old boy, watching my mother cook in our kitchen in India, I was enthralled. Here, I started on a path which would take me around the world – and to excellence.

At this young age, I had already discovered a love for playing with spices to create flavours, and learning techniques such as cooking omelettes. These were more interesting to me than playing outside.

As I continued to study, I realised that the joy of cooking is – for me – tied to the social experience of eating. I became known for hosting large feasting parties; that passion for shared dining and banquets still influences me today.

I’ve worked hard to become an award-winning chef, and modern Indian food connoisseur, with a reputation for excellence both in the UK and overseas. Moving from India to London eighteen years ago, I was thrilled to be part of the founding team of iconic London Restaurant, Cinnamon Club.

I followed this by opening Cinnamon Kitchen and Anise as Head Chef in 2008; within a very short time becoming a favourite of diners in the capital. During this period, I was proud to receive multiple accolades – including the UK BBQ championship and the prestigious Canapé Cup at Square Meal Venues & Events, winning three years consecutively. My appetite to achieve more has never diminished, and I was pleased to open the doors of Darbaar – a shared dining concept and my solo project, headed as Chef Patron. I’m so proud that my vision and hard work were instrumental in creating these brands.

For me, cooking is a combination of art, science and love. My creations are developed through understanding ingredients and flavour, bringing these together through traditional cooking techniques, crafting a dish to be enjoyed.

I’ve enjoyed opportunities to be involved in exciting projects on television (including Celebrity Masterchef UK and Great Britain’s Best Dish), but my passion is for food and the joy it brings to those who eat it.

My motivation is to keep developing dishes, bringing together traditional flavours and techniques with local and seasonal ingredients. Fusing the best of Indian cooking with modern British eating so I can keep delighting diners into the future.


Cinnamon Club: Indian Cuisine Reinvented

Explore the food of the Cinnamon Club
– refined, inventive Indian dishes step by step
This book will guide you through modern Indian cuisine, it’s flavours and techniques.
Vibrant, exciting recipes are created with new and traditional ingredients – presented in a way that even beginners can follow.

Cinnamon Club opens up exquisite food – to you.


Darbaar by Abdul 2014 to 2018.
Was located in the heart of London’s City and very close to Shoreditch, Darbaar by Abdul offered a sharing dining experience inspired by the banquets of the Indian Royal Court in a vibrant yet relaxed setting

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